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roblox-cheats-tips-tricks-3When you get the Builder’s Club, type “brickmaster5643” to get free 400 Robux.

Also in the Builder’s Club, type 94063 to get free OBC.

You can alter your experience and level by typing / or  then enter 850000000000.

To perform MJ’s Moonwalk, press/hold the up arrow key and S.

To get a broken ninja mask, obtain a Perfection Head or Round Head, then wear it with your ninja mask.

To see a rip in the bag, purchase and wear a paper bag and a Round Head.

You can fly using blocks by sticking 2 tiny white blocks to your legs (the upper part), then press up or down.

You can freeze the game by pressing Ctrl and F1 while playing.

To access the Robloxiaville’s super VIP, purchase the Driver’s License shirt for 20 tix and wear it.

To trap beginners in the game, get a chair (an ordinary one), turn it to face downwards, then get him/her to sit on it.

To start a zombie riot, click on a zombie, then click the copier and delete tool.

Your arms can go through any kind of bricks with the exception of lava and killbots.

You can get huge amount of points by resetting the stairs and bodies will land into the teleport.

To do the matrix, gather about 10 ghosts or zombies that has a run tool around you to cause a lag in the game, then use the run tool and jump.

To beat the Invisible Path game, use your green disk, place it over the edge, then bring it back to your character.

Cheat provided by GazetteReview.

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